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Car acceleration sensor Pro

1.26 usd

Professional version of the car acceleration sensorProfessional version can be used in the analysis and writing video recording and playback of personal computers and statistical acceleration due to gravity, the functionality of the whole.
Analysis software for Windows is a free download from the storeroom α(This application language is Japanese.)· Http://
RecordingWhile you reflect on the monitor in real driving conditions the car-free, to be recorded.
Playback andAnd immediately see the data were recorded, traveling, etc. can be useful for checking the gymkhana.
StatisticsYou can see the statistics and data of maximum acceleration of gravity, making it ideal for measurement of performance, such as tires.
Warning functions and accelerationNaraseru warning sound acceleration so that you set, and the practice of load transfer, these can be used up to eco-driving.
Video & analysis on a PC, writeBy moving the data to the PC, and can be analyzed from the dedicated software, and export video. More detailed analysis can be embedded into the exported video travel videos.
※ It is recommended that you buy from can be confirmed to work with (If you wish to use) version and Windows version Perosnal.